Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The origins for the sculptures are at times really specific to a particular moment or other object; and at other times completely lost to the act of being "in" the work at the time of the fabrication process. Two works express this translation:
"Off The Cuff" was a piece inspired by a set of particulars-it began with my recollection of the statement, '...off the cuff' that people have the tendency to flippantly throw around(oxymoron). The pairing of those words, and if we are to think about them in an illustrative light, are ambiguous by nature. The origin for that piece began with a train of abstract words and the challenge became how to translate that statement into a three dimensional form that held equivalent ambiguity.
"Carver's Crux" was a piece determined through the working process. I happened to have been reading alot of Raymond Carver's stories(for which the title of this blog originates from) when fiddling with the materials that made up the sculpture. It simply became apparent to me while contemplating the shape that the object was taking on that I was paying a small homage to the life of the author-and so I attached the words to the completed object.
In the end, regardless of the objects origins, the work is purely from listening to the inspiration and then in the most direct and unfettered means possible, executing the work with the materials I have around me.

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